What is the interface I use to talk to the AI?

Once your account is active, you'll be able to send text messages directly from your cell phone, to either girl. Each girl has her own cellphone number, and the conversations are separate. You can expect an interaction similar to texting with a real human friend.

Will the AI send me naked pictures?

You are interacting with the most advanced human-like AI available. This means you are interacting with a synthetic human, that has been engineered to behave exactly like a real human. If you ask one of the girls to send you a naked picture of herself, expect to get the same response that a real girl would give you. For more information please read our Acceptable Use Policy.

Are you available to people outside of the USA?

International AI law is very complicated and expensive, and because of that we are only available inside of the USA at this time, but we're eager to expand into international markets soon.