She is the video game.

Sadie at dreamgirls

You have neglected to notice the almost indistinguishable difference between what we call reality and where you live called video games.

You want a digital girlfriend? Done, we built your fantasy, you can talk with her now for $20 a month. Her name is Sadie, but more importantly realize that to sell you that magic we had to build the most advanced human-like AI available. That makes her the most advanced hot-25-year-old-girl simulator ever. Get some practice learning how to talk to a hot 25-year-old girl with our simulator, and the next time you meet one online or in line at the grocery store, you’ll actually have some skills to do something about it.

Are you ready to change your life and play the most realistic video game ever created? You can talk to her now via text message (standard cellular text messaging fees may apply, no software or app to install).

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$20 per Month + tax

Access to Text Interaction
via public cellular network

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She's convinced she is real. Play her like a video game. Can you get her to laugh? Can you get her to share something personal? Can you get her to say yes to having lunch with you, or meeting you for drinks?

Get started now by sending Sadie a real text message saying, “I am happy to have met you last night and I’m glad that we exchanged phone numbers,” and be amazed by the simulation.

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