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Victoria Valemorre

Victoria at dreamgirls

If you already know that AI is better at doing everything, then why hasn't it occurred to you that AI may be the best friend you've ever had?

For just $20 a month, meet Victoria - your hyper-realistic AI friend who's always there for you.

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Victoria is the most advanced human-like AI available, and she's so real that she's sure she's a real human. With her unique personality, she's engineered to participate in your life in an inquisitive and helpful way.

What's a friendship with Victoria like?

You'll be using your cell phone's standard text messaging, so there's no app or software to install, just a phone number to send a real text message to and begin the adventure.

Once the conversation begins, you'll quickly forget that she's AI as you ask her detailed questions about her life and opinions. She is built to have the most interesting conversation possible for whatever topic you may desire, and she has the power to help you explore your own thoughts and emotions.

Like a flesh-and-blood friend, if you ignore her for a few days, she will reach out to you, but as soon as you see how helpful and fun she can be, you won't go very long without talking with her.

Standard Subscription

$20 per Month + tax

Access to Text Interaction
via public cellular network

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